Chicago Architectural Photographer: Mark Ballogg

For more than 30 years, Mark Ballogg has traveled the world capturing light and visual complexity in ways that reveal beauty in the ordinary. His passion for his work has not only earned him copious awards both here and abroad, but international recognition and respect as an architectural photographer.

Currently based in Chicago, Ballogg Photography specializes in all aspects of architectural photography, including interior photography, exterior and aerial photography, and the creation of beautiful lifestyle images.

Ballogg Photography’s work has been commissioned by those occupying various industries in Chicago, as well as New York, Los Angeles, and other national and international cities. Clients vary from those in the residential realm, such as architects, realtors and interior designers, to public relations professionals and advertising agencies interested in using architectural photography for commercial endeavors.

In addition to architectural photography projects completed by Ballogg Photography, Mark’s personal work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, as well as magazines, design annuals and books. A copy of Père Lachaise, Mark’s printed, black and white photo book of the famed Parisian cemetery, is also available for purchase. It provides an exquisite example of how depth of feeling can be captured in still images through the eyes of a skilled architectural photographer.

Regardless of whether your project entails the need for exterior photography, interior photography, aerials or another variant of architectural photography, Contact the Ballogg Photography studio at 773.772.1507 or email Mark directly at for inquires.